Mosin Nagant Accessories

Mosin Nagant is one of the most effective weapon fulfills the military standards, but still one of the effective weapons used by farmers, hunters and security personnel. Designed jointly by Captain Mossin and Leon Nagant, respectively a Russian Army person and a Belgian designer; this rifle has become the second most popular weapons across the globe after AK-47, another deadly competitor!
It requires very less maintenance and incredibly durable. The accuracy is ultimate with simplicity of operation. The rifle is available in many variants all differ in design, style and accessories. The standard version of 20.2 carbine and 29 inches in length is the most preferred one. It is quite effective with the 7.62x54R cartridge.
Accessories that you would love!
There are so many Mosin Nagant Accessories around. You can find them online or at the authorized shops.

  1. Mosin M44 Compensator: Compensators add accuracy to it and with the new M44 Compensator; you can reduce the rise of the rifle as well. The second shot can be made absolutely accurate, just like the first shot!
  2. Mosin Nagant Rubber Butt Pad: Rubber butt pad is the best for wooden stock to maintain better grip on it. There are various types available in the market, but the one with an additional bolt on pad is the best. Give an extra one inch of length to the rifle!
  3. Cleaning kit: It is extremely important to keep the rifle clean. Use the state-of-the-art cleaning kit and enjoy the superb performance. Make sure that the cleaning kit includes oiler bottle (double-sided), a punch, crown cap and a rod connector. There should be ammo pouch and a tool kit pouch as well.
  4. Tool kit: Some people prefer an additional tool kit along with the cleaning kit. It contains all necessary tools and bolt take down tool with multiple gauge cuts of different depths.
  5. Stripper clip: This is one of the popular Mosin Nagant Accessories. It makes the loading easier and you can use it with a few other models as well. They are available in 5 pack, 20 packs and 50 packs denomination.
  6. Bipod: Bipods are useful Mosin Nagant Accessories. They are tall and short in length, depending on the requirement. Bipods have spring assisted opening and closing, adjustable length of legs and a locking knob. Go for a model that can be mounted on Picatinny and weaver rails. The legs should be made of metal completely. Wooden or plastic legs are not durable.
  7. Ammo pouch and slings: There are varieties of pouches and slings are available as Mosin Nagant Accessories. People buy according to their choice and need. A few slings have additional slots for dog collars as well. Select slings that are wider and sturdier. It is always advised to go for slings and pouches from authorized shops because there are many cheaper copycat versions are available. They are not durable and also lack in quality and craftsmanship.

Buy quality Mosin Nagant Accessories and enjoy the perfection and durability of the rifle with additional convenience!

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