Magpul PRS stocks review

The perfect adjustable butt stock for any AR rifle. Long range shooting requires perfect precision and for those who find precision difficult, this add on will aid the shooter with perfect sighting, support and most of all comfort.

The PRS can shorten or lengthen the length of pull as well as height to adjust alignment of site.
This well designed and aesthetically pleasing product is near indestructible with alloy steel adjustment shafts and aluminum finishes. It will fit any AR/M-4 rifle for perfect functionality. It is designed go through any unexpected or unpredictable conditions that highly increases its tolerance quotient.

Magpul has designed this product so that installation is quick, easy and clean. Installation is done in a few easy steps.

  1. Remove old stock.
  2. Loosen screws on the Magpul.
  3. Slide it over the existing buffer housing.
  4. Pop off the rubber recoil pad and put the screw back into the buffer housing. If you would like to fix up the carbine you will require a rifle, rifle buffer, receiver extension tube and spring which is not included in purchase, although a DPMS kit is available for purchase.

This product has such great usability as all adjustments are made by rotating the aluminum knobs, easy and hassle free. The steel adjustment shafts of the PRS are strong and stay where you put them without any slippage, although they are relatively easy to reset for another shooter.

This product comes with optional extra accessories, a comfortable rubber butt-pad to prevent any slippage while aiming and shooting as well as giving that extra protection to your shoulder. There are also front and rear aluminum Sling loops which will give you the same stability as the butt-pad, so either preference will give you the comfort and accuracy you are looking for.

The Magpul PRS is a precise piece of machinery for any AR style firearm and a necessary addition to any gun owner. Don’t be taken in by any cheaper ‘knock offs’, the PRS is a strong, unique, slim lined, virtually indestructible product that no other product come close to measuring up to.

Specifications for the Magpul PRS:
The weight of this speculated rifle is approximately 1.68 lb and the weight, w/rifle receiver extension is taken to be 1.90 lb. Its overall Length, Max is 10.45-11.45″. And the LOP Adjustment: ~39 Clicks (0.026″/click) with the given LOP Adjustment Range: 1.00″. LOP, Min is accounted as ~13.3″ and the LOP, Max: ~14.3″
Finally the cheek Height Adjustment encounters ~29 Clicks (0.026″/click) whereas the cheek Height Adjustment Range confines up to 0.75″

Magpul stocks is a fresh pool in the market but has many commendable features to talk about like is functional or operational accessories that includes a butt pad and even the adjustment technique which can well understood form its well versed manual. But the one thing that should be thrown light upon is Magpul PRS is a serious tool that anyone will start to adore for its very first glance but its great utility is something that makes it even better.

The Magpul PRSĀ  can be found at Mounting Solutions Plus

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